About Klys

Junior Jimenez is a highly skilled professional with over 10 years of experience in the software and hardware fields of computers. With a degree in Systems Engineering and a background in autodidact learning, Klys is a Software Engineer, Software Architect, Full Stack Developer, and Computer Scientist. Klys is always hungry for knowledge, innovation, optimization, and automation, and has completed courses in Basic C/C++ and Microsoft Office.

Junior' passion for technology began with a love for drawing comics. As a child, Klys drew over 400 unique pokemon with their own evolutions. When Junior got their first computer with Windows 95, they were excited to create comics digitally but struggled due to a lack of experience.

Junior' first professional experience was as an intern at VTELCA, where they developed a web app for equipment requests and registry using JQuery, Bootstrap 3, and GIT. After completing the internship, Klys earned their degree in Systems Engineering from the University of the Armed Forces in Venezuela.

Driven by a desire to create innovative software, Junioe has pursued entrepreneurial endeavors. They first attempted to create a blockchain-based software company with a friend in the US, but learned the importance of following the law. Junior then traveled to Aruba to create two software products, but only one was completed and never used. They then traveled by bus through three borders to reach Lima, Peru, where they found work fixing computers and resolving technical issues. Klys eventually landed a remote job with Quo Agency, a global team of professionals.

Building a Career
Klys has continued to build their career as a software professional. They have worked on a variety of projects, from developing mobile applications to designing and implementing complex software systems. Klys' expertise spans a wide range of technologies, including front-end and back-end development, cloud computing, and machine learning.

In addition to their technical skills, Junior is a strong communicator and collaborator. They have worked in cross-functional teams and have experience leading development projects. Junior also values continuous learning and has attended numerous training courses and conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices.

Giving Back
Junior is passionate about giving back to their community and supporting the growth of other professionals in the field. They have volunteered as a mentor for new developers and have contributed to open-source software projects. Junior believes that technology can be used to make a positive impact on the world and has participated in several projects with a social mission.

Junior' commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has earned them recognition from their peers and employers. They have received awards for their work, including recognition as a top-performing developer at Quo Agency. Klys' ambition and dedication to their craft have also helped them succeed as an entrepreneur, and they continue to pursue opportunities to innovate and disrupt the market.

Overall, Junior is a highly skilled and experienced software professional with a passion for innovation and continuous learning. They are committed to using technology to make a positive impact on the world and to supporting the growth of other professionals in the field. Junior' expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence make them a valuable asset to any organization.

At Quo Agency, Junior worked on several projects, including developing a platform for remote video consultations for doctors, creating a web application for managing parking spots, and building a chatbot for a car rental company. He also gained experience with various technologies, such as Node.js, React, Redux, and MongoDB. During this time, Junior continued his passion for learning and exploring new technologies, often teaching himself new skills and taking online courses to expand his knowledge.

Junior is a passionate advocate for open-source software and enjoys contributing to various open-source projects, including React, Vue.js, and Node.js. He believes that open-source software is essential for promoting innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing in the tech community. Klys also enjoys mentoring and helping other developers, sharing his knowledge and experience through online forums, blogs, and workshops. He believes that education and continuous learning are crucial for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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