About Klys

Essentially klys is a Software Engineer, a Software Architect, a Full Stack Developer, a Computer Scientist with more than 18 years of experience in the software and hardware field of computers with a degree in Systems Engineering, a course on Basic C/C++, and a course on Microsoft Office, a lot experience in autodidact learning on a lot of technologies, with an endless appetite in never stop learning, optimizing, automatizing and innovation.

Tech Biography of Klys

- Everything started with comics

At first, I did not know anything about computers or software, I just like to draw comics in my notebooks when I was in school as a little child, I started drawing my own pokemon, I end drawing more than four hundred pokemon completely uniques and with evolutions, some with 4 evolutions; if Gamefreak will hire my as a child I would make a complete generation of pokemon.

I was very excited to have a computer and make comics on it, but when I got my first computer and saw how paints works and not having too many skills on doing anything, I was almost no able to doing anything more than getting impressed for having that piece of technology on my room, a white big ass monitor with that windows 95 software on it.

- VTELCA internship

My first connection with a company as a developer was with VTELCA who put me in the IT area working as an intern to make a web app for requesting pieces of equipment from one department to another and keep a registry of it. It took me like 3 months to make it on my first time touching JQuery, Bootstrap 3, and GIT, also using a company environment for developing, in an office where I meet for the first time in a professional way to others developers.

After the end of my internship at VTELCA, I was ready for getting my degree in Systems Engineering, the University of the Armed Forces in Venezuela, Falcon State, Coro (Capital of this state) where the place of the ceremony in June of 2015 where around more than 150 engineers and professionals get their degree.

- Big dreams, big projects, big responsibilities

Always being very open mind, very interested in making my own business, following the way the olds does, like google founders, apple founders, Facebook founder, among others, I was always looking for a software opportunity to create a product capable of disrupting the market, but in a country whit an economy getting down like Venezuela and not too much knowledge on business at all, I decided to get out of the country before it gets worse, my first option was the first world on the USA, when a very good friend of mine gives me the opportunity to go with him, live with him, and work together to create our own business from a software company, but used the blockchain technology to try it out, but failed for simple mistakes of not following the law. This was my first lesson of life: Follow the rules and the law, always, impeccably.

I then went to Aruba to meet and make two software products for two different kinds of business with also different results, one being canceled and the other being finished, but sadly never used. After this adventure in Aruba, I decided to go to Peru using the same method all Venezuelan were doing, by bus, point to point, bus station to bus station, passing through 3 different frontiers, 1 Venezuela-Colombia, 2 Colombia-Ecuador, and 3 Ecuador-Peru, in a 2 weeks travel, reached out Lima, Peru to meet my family who did the same travel method.

- The Peru Adventure

In Peru I get home with my family in the province of Lima on San Vicente de Canete was in a couple of days I found a job in fixing computers and attending people resolving technical issues and selling tech accessories, utilities, computer parts, games, and software utilities, only lasting almost 2 months on it and then switching to a cellphone repair shop for also a couple of months after finally founding a tech job with who was later a very good friend and influence boss, I worked around 6 months developing to this great guy after getting a new job totally remote named Quo Agency, very nice remote team, with part of the team on Venezuela, and the others around the globe.

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