Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game of spaceships.

This game is a multiplayer online battle arena we started to make on totally pixel art style, at first all were just sprites and a lot of pixel art, then we learned to use 3d models out of blender and different files like .obj.

From 2D to 3D

From 2019 we seek the possibility of work with blender and Game Maker Studio to recreate all the game on and 3d enviroment, successfully being able to handler both technologies together we starting implementing it right away, since Jesus don't have at that time a high end video graphic card he was able to understand how to take vertices of 3d models to optimize them and being able to handle over Game Maker Studio with amazing results, 3d but low graphic, still awesome!

From PHP to Node JS

Since I am the backend developer of this project, and with my background on PHP and since I discover we can really reach whatever result on any language, specially one as PHP which is really rich on libraries and limitless possibilities, I started using a socket library to create the game server, but I found some difficulties developing the AI which lead me to rethink in another technology, that is why I made a small test on Node JS with successfull results on creating AIs so i completely decided to stick with Node JS as Game Server, which was the right decision as today the game server is working amazingly with AI and everything else needed to create a game server fast, reliable and scalable.

This project is a Game started on 2018-07-14 and the technologies involved in the making of it are the following



Node JS


Pixel Art





Game Maker Studio 1

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A in game short video showing some 3D assets and the battle UX working together. <br>Models by Jesus Coa on Blender. <br> UX by Junior Jimenez


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UX of the pre game client which is on React and Electron. Contributed by Bersnard Coelho in the Electron and Socket.IO part. The JSX part was done by Junior Jimenez.


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Spaceship Kurgerzart, one of the first spaceship of the game.


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This is the first 2D version completely offline, showing a group of minions attacking each other aggressively.


Jesus Coa

Junior Jimenez

Bersnard Coelho

Maginot GutiΓ©rrez

Yeraldine Osticochea

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Picture of a spaceship