Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game of spaceships.

Our game has evolved significantly since its inception in 2018. We initially developed it using pixel art sprites and graphics. However, as we progressed, we learned to work with 3D models in Blender and other file formats such as .obj, which allowed us to enhance the game's visual appeal.

In 2019, we decided to recreate the game in a 3D environment using Blender and Game Maker Studio. Despite facing technical challenges, we were able to successfully integrate both technologies, resulting in a 3D game with impressive visual effects.

As the backend developer, I initially used PHP and the socket library to create the game server. However, I faced difficulties while developing the AI, which prompted me to explore other options. I conducted a small test on Node JS and was pleased with the results, particularly its ability to create AIs quickly and efficiently. We made the switch to Node JS as our game server technology, and it has proven to be a reliable and scalable option, allowing us to create a fast and efficient game server.

This project is a Game started on 2018-07-14 and the technologies involved in the making of it are the following


Game Maker Studio 1







Node JS

Pixel Art

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A in game short video showing some 3D assets and the battle UX working together. <br>Models by Jesus Coa on Blender. <br> UX by Junior Jimenez


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UX of the pre game client which is on React and Electron. Contributed by Bersnard Coelho in the Electron and Socket.IO part. The JSX part was done by Junior Jimenez.


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Spaceship Kurgerzart, one of the first spaceship of the game.


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This is the first 2D version completely offline, showing a group of minions attacking each other aggressively.


Jesus Coa

Junior Jimenez

Bersnard Coelho

Maginot GutiΓ©rrez

Yeraldine Osticochea

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Picture of a spaceship