Food Planner
App for planning breakfast, lunch, dinner and even any itinerary food with calories calculator and date and time option.

This was a project for a USA company "Texfly" which is located in Houston, Texas, I worked with them in an informal remote position for some years making a lot of apps, webs, and IT projects. And this one of those projects which they want me to make for them.

The app is about planning food or just taking notes of your actuals foods, so that information will feed metrics about your food activity and then give an insight of your calories gain and lost, nice nutritions utility.

This project is a MobileApp started on 2017-01-01 and the technologies involved in the making of it are the following


Apache Cordova

Bootstrap 3

Adding some food

Show some food for random date

Showing foods notes

An empty date

Junior Jimenez