HipHop Daily
Web app for listening music ala youtube way, without stop.

This project is a website like youtube but about music with the SoundCloud Javascript API and a very custom UX, initially, I was outsourcing it from a 2 months project which was a plague of bugs and problems, I decided to remake everything, and ended almost finishing it in less than a month, but the customer was already upset for the past 2 months with no result, so even with remaking everything and going more faster than the precedent development the customer prefer to quit it, sadly, but true.

This project is a WebApp started on 2018-09-30 and the technologies involved in the making of it are the following

Prismic PHP



Soundcloud API

Junior Jimenez

Diego Gonzales

All comments are full moderated, refrain for using bad words, only english/spanish/french are valid languages here, not url, no emails on comment box unless really necessary. Not bots allowed, sorry robots πŸ€–
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