Liberty Battle
Game about Venezuelan history for kids as a thesis for getting my Systems Engineer Degree

Presentation of the Game:

I made it by editing a existing video I found on youtube and added on it a Advance Wars music.

This is an HTML5 game targeted at Linux users of the device named "Canaimita", an Atom mini-laptop that comes with 1GB or 2GB of ram and was part of a government program for giving mini laptops to kids in Venezuela, a nice project.

The game is a Turn-Based Game with the history of Venezuela as part of the main concept.

The graphics are pixel art based, nice, and very popular art style.

I made it as part of my project to graduate as a System Engineer at the University of the Armed Forced.

This video is de Game Engine used for this game made by my self, in fact it is the map editor of the engine.

This project is a Game started on 2013-02-28 and the technologies involved in the making of it are the following

Pixel Art

Game Maker Studio 1

Junior Jimenez

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